ketika menggunakan Joomla terkadang muncul error “Your host needs to disable magic_quotes_gpc to run this version of Joomla!”

Solusinya yaitu menambahkan beberapa baris script pada file .httaccess yang terletak di public_html

php_flag magic_quotes_gpc Off
php_flag magic_quotes_runtime Off
php_flag magic_quotes_sybase Off

simpan kembali file .httaccess dan coba buka cms joomlanya dan berhasil.
Domain names are the real estate of the Internet. Just as a good location is vital for a bricks and mortar business, a good domain name will be the corner stone of your website’s success. But how to identify them? Below you will find the 7 characteristics of good domain names.

1. They are short
Good domain names are short. It is not a coincidence that all the three-letter and four-letter .com domains are already gone, and that the five-letter ones are going fast as well.
There is no definite number of characters that you should aim for, just remember that the shorter the better. If you really need some guidance, try to go below 10 characters, and never exceed 20.

As for the number of words, one-word domains are gold, two-word ones are good, three-word domains are average, and above that it is usually a bad idea.

Example: is a superb domain and probably worth millions of dollars. is a good two-word domain worth thousands of dollars. is an average domain and could be used for a website. is plain worthless.


1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Objectives
1.2 Mission
1.3 Keys to succes

2.0 Company
2.1 Company ownership
2.2 Start-up summary
2.3 Company Locations and Facility